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Class Description

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Class Description

The Scott Middle School Computer Literacy class is a required program for all 6th graders. This class meets every other day for half the school year. The Computer Literacy program strives for many goals; one goal is for students to understand and value the first essential skill needed in the correct use of computer technology, proper keyboarding. Keyboarding is a foundational skill considered necessary to be successful in all advanced computer usage. A life long skill, keyboarding will be utilized in student studies for Middle School, High School, College and future occupations. Today, students spend more time concentrating on how to keyboard using the "hunt and peck" typing method rather than focusing on the material they are composing. Therefore, this class will teach students proper keyboarding technique, posture, keystrokes, finger placement and reach. In addition to learning proper keyboarding skills students will also learn; how to navigate the Internet safely, how to effectively use the Internet for school assignments, how to create a digital story using Microsoft Moviemaker and students will also gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Applications Software programs, which includes Power Point, Excel, Word and Publisher.



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Get 2 Months for $5!