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Students should be able to:


· Demonstrate correct keyboarding techniques at all times· Demonstrate understanding and use of basic computer terminology· Touch type a minimum of 15-20 WPM with 6 errors or less· Create, save, retrieve, format, print, and edit typed documents using Microsoft Software Products· Demonstrate proper Internet Searching skills and how to authenticate a websiteGood keyboarding technique refers to able demonstration of the following characteristics:· Spine straight leaning slightly forward hips to back of chair feet flat on floor· Wrists low but not resting on the keyboard, use a wrist pillow· Elbows near the body· Eyes on copy (no dependence on looking at hands or keyboard) · Curved fingers on keys· Sit 6-8 inches or a hand-span away from keyboard· Use correct fingers for keys always starting at the home keys, ASDF, JKL;


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